Thursday, February 19, 2009

The H.E.R =)

Special thanks to my lovely sis

For your concerned and kindness

You took me to the clinic.

Just because you knew that I am not feeling well.

(Why must u being so nice to me?)

And I was so touched by that.

After that, we went to Permai Inn.

We watched your favorite live band.

We requested for a few songs.

And that was so fun.

I know you love to hear Lynn and Shake performed.

You introduced me to them.

And they were so nice, just like u.

(And that is why I still followed you.)

We were playing around,

We scratched on the paper that was offered on the table.

And you keep laughing on what I wrote.

And, I laughed too.

Last night was so pleasant,

Even I’m not really felt well.

But, I’m happy

I’m really happy sis.

Thank you so mush sis,

I will not forget for what have you done to me.

Hope that you will be my sis forever.

Sis: I wish you a happy holiday and have a safe journey.

Love you.


Anonymous said...

woah! luvly! jealous nya tgk live band :D huhu~

[[..Dhia..]] said...

no need to be jealous besti.
aku kenal live band sbb sis...
tp enjoy lar bEsti


x.o.x.o: Luv u Besti.

coKELat said...

nana cane?
dah sehat lom?

[[..Dhia..]] said...

alhamdullilah, dah bertambah baek kondisi saya =)