Tuesday, March 16, 2010


cantik nye gadis-gadis ini :)

Hee....Lin berkayak buat kali pertama, nasib x jatuh dalam tasik.

At the swimming pool, cam sangkar ikan jer :) hihi..

Cam dah xde posed lain minah ni berdua..tido pun tido lah...

Pontianak Tasik Kenyir :) kalo cam ni la pontianak, mmg xde org mai la kat TK. haha..

Ni dah nak balik ke Jeti, mahu pulang ke Kuala sudah..

Si manes Lin and Tinie (* *)

Tiba di jeti, sempat lg posed..

Auuu...chakk!! tang tiang....


Last pix i guess! hee..My baby girl..WTN2600 :)

OOhhh...still got photos...hee..sini situ sana sini..

Sooooooo sweettt :)

Location : Poh Island (Kenyir Sanctuary Resort) at Kenyir Lake

Date : 04 March and 05 March 2010

Presented : Diana, Azlin and Tinie

Hello people:

With a free token that I get from my beloved uncle, I’m offered my colleagues for joined me to Kenyir Lake, where the place that we wished to be...

Silent and very peaceful, that all I can described about Kenyir Lake, I was there for a year ago, where I’m spending the time with my much-loved family and my friend from Germany.

Actually, this was the time that I desired too. Escaping from HIM, that I’m terrified of (should I?), or maybe with the reality that I’m the one who can’t accept it?
(sighs..) I can’t take it as a reason to leave, to escape, to run, or even to fly away. Take this as tiny problems for my life history, and hoping for the better things to come.

I wish I can, yaar..U can Diana (* *) ~ I’m saying this with my cute face~ hee...

P/s: For both of u, a million thanks for the time spent with me. Even just for a night spent, we did have a chance to get closed.

p/s: Hope that the above photos will not hurts or harms anybodies around. Tq.


Edien Nizar said...

WTN2600 sy pnye !

~~dhiaadeera~~ said...

bila masa jadi yg awak punye ni???????.....

Edien Nizar said...

bile3 !