Monday, October 4, 2010

i am not so weak okeyh!!!!

Salam people:
How are u olss?
Hope all of u are doing good....
It's been a while that i stopped from posting any updates to be shared with.'s actually i'm not so into it....sharing the hard moment!
Just to let u noe, that few days ago, I've been thru a hard moment that I think is killing me.
That makes me down...down..and sooo down...

thanx to Love, that always be with me, no matta what happend..
and to the person, I will prove to day! i took all wat u said to me, as a challenge for me to go further..

:)) oohh..i miss my family so much...and love is here...


UmmiShahirah said...

4 the person u trying challenge u.. Him/her already make big mistake to challenge 'k.nana' who i think she very 'Strong' person.. thumbs UP 4 u k.D..
And 4 that 'person' Go n find mirror n see ur face first before 'judge' other people..
Always support u k.nana.. =)

DIANA ALIM said...

i took it positively, coze for me, he said that because he want me to take it as a challenge....thanx darl :)

UmmiShahirah said...

ohh... Its ok.. I know u can..
That's why im really proud of ur spirit..
Welcome k.D