Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hye folks, now I am in the office,actually I’m working for nite shift today, btw, happy hari raya to all. 

What am I doing now, simple, on lining, and keep thinking about a few tasks of mine that not yet complete. Reasearh, yeess!! Do research as well.

It’s not a pleasant feeling when ur mind is not totally get out of things that u feels important. Yes, my special report still uncompleted. I got at least three reports that still pending.

Huge number ok! I wish to have a mind like some of my editors, so that I dun have problems creating my story.

If lack of reading might be the reason, I dun think it that way now, because I am doing my reading ok. So, the problem is, I just dun get an enough ideas , That’s all.

Not much worry D, u can complete it soon, trust urself dear. (smiling)

p/s: it is nothing wrong to say something good or +ve words to urself J just to make urself happy. 

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