Friday, February 4, 2011

now i'm so addicted to BENEFIT COSMETICS!!!

Yes I do, at first it was introduced the BENEFIT product by one of my cousin. I never believe any cosmetic products, since I think I don’t really need it for me..

It’s more than enough actually, having the facial cleanser, and just a small compact powder with lipgloss for daily outing, that’s why when I appeared on TV, I will later received the emails said that, please put something on ur face, u look sooo dull….hahaha… But, it’s totally changed with BENEFIT. It’s started to amazed me..woowWWww!!!

My first attempt was just like interested in joining my couz selling the products, since that she made to easily get the stocks from one of her friend who studied in UK before.

So, I said to myself, why not I try it? Even not for my friends, but to myself first. I was like ok, I tried… Then I started to do research about it. At least knows from where the products come from. After get some infos, I then, uploaded some of the products photos to my FB photo album, and tagged some of my FB friends. So I did it, and few of my friends show their interest to BENEFIT. I received one to two orders from them; I think it is a good starting. I don’t really mind about it actually, I just trying to share with my friends about the benefits of the BENEFIT itself.

For more details about it: can go to this website. 

There's some of it: HOT SALE


rose-tinted lip & cheek stain ==RM65 + ( not included RM 5 for post charge)

( boleh digunakan sebagai blusher dan juga lipgloss) so worth.

ultra shines

lip shine - 4 new nude shades!===RM40 ( not included RM5 for post charge )


an outdoor glow for an indoor gal face powder

==RM 69 (not included RM5 for post charge )

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