Sunday, September 25, 2011

rakan-rakan: rezeki jangan ditolak, bala jangan dicari kan?

Olympus brand digital camera, and as u see the lady in that mirror, is ME!!!

I hope all of you who reading this blog are doing good. I need to share this because I am very happy. So…. when I’m happy, I hope that I can make u guys jealous with it. Ha ha ha, just kidding!

Yesterday was my LUCKY day, you know why? I was given two assignments, and sure when you got more than one task to do, your head will be like spinning around.

But, everything like gone away when I got “duit raya” and a “camera raya”…Am I so that lucky?

Even it’s not that Nikon DSLR or whatever brands, I felt happy to get it. At least I still can take photos with it. Plus I can upload it to my blog, that’s important right; sure it will be more interesting with my own photos taken. Even I’m not a good photo taker. Ha ha Ha!!!

p/s:  counting hours to go home, sure my sisters are waiting for me.

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~ iEyLa mYa ~ said...

haha...xpyh amek dgn phone cnggeh mu dh r..ble nk amek gmbr kte bdua :P