Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love yourself.

p/s: i miss you

When you walk alone
When you do things alone
You might think of you have nobody in this world.
But, you should know sometimes you really need your “lonely” time just to get to know your own self.
People  around might have their own judgement towards you.
But, knowing yourself is the best thing that will bring up yourself.
With bring you to the end – only you... know yourself.


UmmiShahirah said...

tak tahu nak cakap guane tapi dari dulu ummi memang baca blog akak...
Pasal cinta,i feel like sudah semakin faham banyak tentang cinta..
Ur love really true love..
Semoga kekal hingga akhir hayat..
abg aiman n k.ena tahniah...
kalian the best.

Diana Alim said...

thanks ummi :)