Sunday, September 19, 2010

How I wish I could lost 3kilos of my weight.

Five days before, I’m in Terengganu (hometown), and I’m not being surprised with peoples around me, who met me, that will said how I look bigger than before.

Annoy: Ehh..gemok ngat lening ohh????

Me: uhmm :) suka hati, sebab tu besar cikit…

Annoy: Body kena jaga jugak, tapi comel dah besar gini ni..

Me: :)) comel gini lah….
Ouhh..what it is all about actually?

Soo damn fat, or just a bit bigger than four months ago?
To me, it’s all the negative words that can turn me to the bad mode and mood.
Peoples, u should noe how I’m dying to reduce my weight. And get back my ideal body shape like before. But I can’t!

Without dying for button up all my season jeans. And worse, I just got a few pieces of my jeans that can be worn. Baby, I am Suffered!!
I dun need more; just 3 kilos of my fats now will be burned out.
Ohh..time: I need u. I need to do some exercises, that's the best way.

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