Saturday, October 16, 2010

At least you still have somebody who concerned!

To be a journalist is not as simple as what u think.

It’s a profession that u need to commit from head to toe. = everything!

And it’s ridiculous for u to catch everything in a short period.

The important is, the willingness for you to learn, and adapt with it.

Do not let people around u makes fool with u, or let them noticed about ur weaknesses.

Coze the weaknesses will be their weapons to harm u dear.

So that, u move D,,, give ur self a new spirits , keep up ur energy and always be the best.


UmmiShahirah said...

Salam kak nana .. I do not know how to express more ..
Very proud of you sister .. Hurm ..
What did you write all right .. Hurm ..
U know what, the spirit has not only tu Conquering the crew themselves.
What do you say to me was that I keep this firmly in mind.
Tq sis .. Hurm .. I'm very proud of you ..
Keep up the fight. Ok .. Always support you sis ..

DIANA ALIM said...

thanx ummi :) hugs**