Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i miss ili mis her

Hye folks,

It’s been quite some time, that I didn’t post any updates to my blog.

Uhmm, actually there’s not much stories that I wanna share with.

Just a feeling of missing my bestfriend.

I remembered the 1st time I met HER. Ili izlin Hanim. She dun talk much.

But, dun noe how, we can get closed togetha. (maybe we have a good chemistry). (ohh, sure, we not a lesbo, I got mine, and she’s got her)..hee..just kidding**

To me  She an easygoing person, who makes me feel free hanging around with her.

We did play basket ball togetha, and jogging..(ahaakkzz), how I missed it.

And the most special part is, asking her to joined our climbing team.. And till now, the relationship between us and all the wallclimber team mates are closed like a sibling.

I used to play in the “longkang” behind our hostel, and get a small injury in my hand, and till now, the scars is still there, (see, how she affected my life).

Last nite, I received her message, sounds “ Kuewtiaw ginger beef, I start to like it now.Missing u diana! :-*”, so sweet u are ili.


Feng Gallagher said...

diana, diana.


p.s i hate all the me in those photos. no longer that ili, diana. thats not ili.

take extra care, lovely.

DIANA ALIM said...

whye dear???

i love all those photos..things that we had togetha....
even, things had changed, but u still the same ili that i noe...
:)) love***

i will be home,tomorrow...