Thursday, November 4, 2010

momento maravilloso

A day out at Taman Tamadun Islam, it's really fun here. Plus with all the siblings are here. even it just a short period for me to be at home, somehow it was really really exciting,,, especially my little sis, and it's a creadit to mr.aiman sidek for the willingness to spent his time with all of us :) x.o.x.o
thanx dear. (Gracias, querido)

A precious moment is not always with us :) Thanx for those who shared the precious moment with me.
( Un precioso momento no está siempre con nosotros:) Gracias por los que compartieron el precioso momento conmigo.)


Ahmad Suhaimi AM said...

Wah..saya pernah pegi sana bulan 4 dulu..best2.

Diana Alim said...

:)) Besh jugak, eskrem susu kambing segar die pun besh..heee