Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jungle tracking at Hutan Simpan Kota Damansara.

Last day I went to a jungle tracking in Kota Damansara, which is located in front of my house. Almost a year I’m living here, but never been there. It’s started when I with my housemate planning to have a side walk just in front of the lake, easy said, jogging! And we never expected to go into the jungle. It’s nice actually, having this activity after a long break. 

Then, my soul mate came over, I asked him to do this jungle tracking with me, be my company to jog! Without asking more, he agreed. He understands that I’m struggling to reduce my Kgs. We went there, and started to climb at 6.10pm, normal climb will just take you 30minutes to round the hill. My first climb took me 35minutes to finish the climbing.

My second climb with him, just took me 20 minutes. Ha ha that fast! We not climb actually, but we run, since that only both of us in the jungle, I felt scared and asked him to run..ha ha ha!! It’s really horror when the jungle slowly becomes dark. 

Until the end of our journey, we met with a few climbers, then my fears totally relief.

P/s: thanks to you dear, you always try hard to makes me happy. 

Simple tips untuk masuk hutan:
  • Nawaitu mesti baik. 
  • Bagi salam before masuk. (hormati penghuni hutan)
  • Mulut jangan celupar.
  • Jangan cakap besar.
  • Jangan nak mandai-mandai.
  • If boleh, bawak kompas.
  •  Bawak senjata seperti pisau, lampu suluh.
  • Lagi elok, pergi dalam group.
  • Jangan lupa bawak air lebih ye!


~ iEyLa mYa ~ said...

hoho..xsmpat aku nk merasa hok nie

Diana Alim said...

haha..nnt duk kl balik, kita g la, pe susah? hehe...