Thursday, July 21, 2011

Letter of appreciation to my beloved soul mate.

Love, I wrote this just for you.
I’m proud to tell everyone that you are mine.
I’m happy when everyone knows that you and I are together.
Love, my entire world is with you.  

My world my destiny my soul, half part of mine is with you.
Nothing else in this world can replace you. 
Because you know every day is a missing you day. 

Day after day, our destiny is become so near.
One step further for our new love story.
That also is a new start for our new journey.
My soul my heart flies with you. 

I love you mohamad aiman md.sidek

forever love, 
nurul mardiana abdul alim


UmmiShahirah said...

aminnnnnnn..... =D

Anonymous said...

nikoh2 je la...drp dok tayang sedunia, wak timbul fitnoh kalu family x benor xsoh tohek la mek!

Anonymous said...

Dh nikah dh pon.. Alhamdulillah.. Kalau boleh,,delete lah gmbar2 ni dgn gmbar dlm google image.. Enti nmpak lbih manis pkai tudung,,Aiman pon suke.. Hehehe.. Moga cinta kamu berdua berkekalan smpai syurga.. <3