Sunday, July 3, 2011

PARAGLIDING..fear ? not a factor...

Salam friends, I hope all of you in a pretty good health. 

This time I will start my entry with my first time experienced the flying sport which called paragliding.
First of all, I was introduced to the coach, Captain(B)  Mohd Ikhwan Azillah, and hissporting wife, kak Orkid. (you guys so cool!)

Before proceed to the paragliding activities, I was given the briefing and the movie shows of another gliders by the captain. This is just to show you how it will be, especially for those who doesn’t have any experienced like myself. Ha ha ha..

For the first attempt, I can’t even control myself from being super nervous, I hope u can feel how nervous I am, and since that this is my first time doing the sky or flying activities.
After the briefing session, we proceed to the flying place, which is located in Bukit Jugra, Banting, Selangor.  It is almost 15miniutes from Banting town to get to the flying place. Waaa! Feels like a millions butterflies in my stomach. OMG! 

This video is to shared my flying moment. Wohoo..I did it guys. 

look, how nervous i am...
 listening to the instructions..
 signing *m.o.u* before take off.....haha..
 okey, u got to be ready diana!!

 when i say run, run okeyh!! 

 okey captain..I understood :) 

at this point, u will run, till the wing is widely open and started to float.
wohoooo..i did it! i'm gonna fly...
 even this is not a good landed, but I did it okey! owesome babeh! 

say cheese to kak orkid, (akak,napa saya boley tersungkur??!)..haha..
 how do you feel when u been up to the sky? 
 it's a nice place for relax :) if u r afraid to fly, just come here to see others fly..haha
wind wind, blow me a let me go..with a birds in the sky. 
 hey u, what kind of questions are these? i love my boyfriend.
okey, so u guys noe it rite? just a rumors that saying diana alim bla bla.....

 kelvingood, chiayok chiayok!
 captain, why not u take a rest? it's hot!
i love PARAGLIDING! be with me then u can be like a birds. 

p/s: THanks for this awesome experiend mr captain and kak orkid, hope to do this again. 

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