Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Dan and Serena~the characters that I adore most in Gossip Girl :)

I never expected that things will go like this far..and never expected that we will get to each other so closed!

Well,thus never never expected that no matter how bad I still standing and even sitting down together with me…which is you always be with me no matter how the situation are.

Sometimes, I feel to run to end of this world. So I won’t hurt you, and you won’t get hurts anymore. because I know, sometimes i'm not being a good girlfriend to you. But, it's never makes me down. 

And you..always stay calm and kind as you always did.

I will never forget my first time met you..

You were on the train in a garden. And I just sitting behind you..

You were so silent, till I’m the one who started the conversation.

You looked so cool, with your hooded covering your head..

And the day, you were wearing you white cardigan. What a cool guy!

Till now, we both still together.. you and I.

Waiting for one step further, for our future..

How could i let a guy like you gone away? and I wouldn't dare to do that.

Deep in myheart,  you are always needed..

You are mylast breath my energy, my spirit myheart mysoul.

You know, myheart is beating fast when I recalled my first time seeing you....

(and I always love to remind all that things.)

--- youandi---iandyou--youloveme---iloveyou---weloveeachother.


~ iEyLa mYa ~ said...

xsabo nk mlangkah ke life stage br napok..heee

Diana Alim said...

auchh babe!!! u will there rite? for my beautiful day..i hope u do....