Friday, December 23, 2011

One night stand at Genting Highland..

salam and hye everyone,

Two weeks ago, me and family were spent our one night sleep at Genting Highland. Abah and ma said my sisters yet not going anywhere during this time scholl holiday, so staright away after my engagement day which i had to drive back to KL for work, so i bring them  together . 
We made a move early in the morning from Kuala Tereangganu, then after a few hours driving we finally reached Genting hHghland, and usually in Genting, abah never drive the car up to the Genting peak. But he brought us to Genting Kabel car station then ride the cabel car to reach Genting peak.
It was fun and enjoyable time with my sisters, even my second sister fatin and brother can’t joined. But with the little maya, shela,aimi, and fahada semua enjoy kat atas genting. 
We bought the ticket for five of us for outdoor activities. Waaa!! It’s a school holiday, so there’s a lot of people / tourist that also like us, crab the opportunity to bring their familiy. 
We played the games at the theme park. wohoooo!!!! 

Actuallly we don’t event planned to sleepover at Genting, but since that it’s too late to go down, then abah decided to booked hotel rooms for us. The next morning, after breakfast, we make a move and start our journey to KL. 

p/s: hargailah orang tersayang, luangkanlah seberapa banyak waktu untuk bersama mereka. and for me, i love them very deep...muahxx...

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