Saturday, May 12, 2012

Talk much, but think less! Blueekk :p

 Salam, and good day!  

I always like to observed people around. Peoples that comes with a variety of behaviors. And I know people will observed me too. Should I noticed that “behavior” is one of interesting topic to share with.

And I still remember when I was in semester four in college before, I used to learn a subject called “Organization Behavior”, so that important rite? 

In organization, you will facing a lot of weird people with a weird behavior. Some mite be very nerd and nice to you, and some will treat you like an evil. Huhs! 

Why can people in one organization live like a family? rather than pretend to be like a family in front of outsiders. 

Not to say but the different thing that clearly seen working with a Malay company is totally different with company that have multiracial of people especially in Malaysia, I take Chinese companies - the working situation is different, they works hard and they not like to talking or "chit chatting" bad about others staff, they might have that environment too, but not as much as what we have and practices in a company that leads or full with Malays. Honestly, not offense - I am not be bias or unfair, just a thought sharing as a worker. 

And I like to have their spirits! 

Grown up with half of my schooling moments with mix of Malays, Chinese and Indians have tough me to be quite open minded. And sharing a good things. I can say it, but not like to showing off like some of my colleagues. Well, seriously i don't really like some of their thinking ways, and prejudice thought to others. 

You can simply judge people, and you can simply say bad or good about them, and you also can have your stereotyping perceptions to others. And that is normal. Just only don't make your perceptions close you and your colleague "working-friend-relationship". Be a very humble, and pleasant person, even you know you will never can please everyone!        

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