Friday, September 21, 2012

Love and relationship with no TRUST is just good to be thrown away. That is much better I think.

 we happy as the way we are. Don't bother!

Below will be a great confession for anybody who be treated like a "shoplifter" by their own bf/gf. For a girl, you can say this I think. Ha ha ha.. Good luck guys!

"I am not yet belong to you, so please be not so protective! Which indirectly you are trying to be a great controller on me. I know you do this for a reason you are really love me, but I don't like the way you treat me when it's come to my relationship with my friends. No matter she or he, don't interfere with it, because it's nothing to do with my friends. As soon as my love is only for you". 

"Don't spoil our time and relationship by showing me your overprotective acts". 

"I need to tell this so you won't be repeated it again and again". 

"Thank you". 

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