Friday, June 18, 2010

Frieday is the day

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This is friday.

When it;s a friday,

So, there is not much assignment to do.

When the boys are going to perform their prayers,

The girls are flying to Ou..

Isn't it cool? ..Sometimes...=)

Naar, I choose to be alone in the office today, and checking my inbox.

And that would be really cool I think (*_*) haha..

Btw, I think I'm missing something that I'm not so sure.

Woow, time goes by, one month I'm here.

But till now, I didn't find any satisfaction yet in doing my job.

Seriously, anybody could teach me on how to create a good intro?

I does my reading part, OK! but, I still in blurr mode!

OH..GOD! is not that easy to be a good reporter.

CNN....I'm watching u.


dieylayusof said...

tak blk tganu ke?

~DiaNa ALim~ said...

didiey, balik tp jap je :(
tak sempat nak buat pe pun...huhu