Thursday, June 2, 2011

smile sad dull cheer's all DRAMA!

It’s been sometimes I never post any updates to my blog. Well, i can say that I’m quite busy with my tasks, but that’s not the main reason. 

After came back from doing my special report about the elephants, I started to freeze myself from any reporting. Five days enjoying myself in hometown. And that’s makes my life free like I always craved for. 

Why we have to be burden by the nonsense things around us? I wonder do any of you will have the same feelings like me. Outside looks happy and cheer, but deep inside, nobody knows how it feels. 

What for sure is I always and keep praying for a miracle to come and safe me from all these difficulties.  


~ iEyLa mYa ~ said...

ckp strong woman kan..huhu

Diana Alim said...

heee:) i will babe...hugs!

Hilmi said...

Erm....sweet pic... ;) wish all the best!